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This is not a job! We do not pay a salary! We Only pay Commission keep reading to find out more!

Becoming a ambassador is awesome & easy, Being an ambassador means you will get FREE products a 2-3 times a month, for you to promote on your social media platforms (Instagram,Snapchat,Tik-Tok ETC)

You will get your own discount codes, that you will promote with the products to your viewers & in return, you will get starting off at 10% commission off all of the sales YOUR discount code generates!

commission can always go up from 10% to a higher amount on good performing DIscount codes!

you will be paid out your commission once every 30 days!

submit screenshots of your Social Media accounts!

We will reach out to you! over email or instagram


  1. 5000 or More followers on one or more of these platforms (TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter)
  2. Must be following us & be active on all our posts!
  3. Must tag our account on all platforms with all posts that have to do with our products.
  4. Must promote our website in all posts that have to do with our products

Please make sure you send all your social media handles in with your application!



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